ZELENDATA CENTAR is the first green data center in Serbia, located in Technology Park in Vršac. It is designed, structured and administered according to BICSI and TIA standards.

ZELENDATA CENTAR sprouted from the idea to enable the regional IT community to have access to the most advanced Cloud technologies. The necessity to establish cost-effective business and the desire to conserve the environment have driven the development of the data center towards the use of innovative Green solutions. One of the main motivators for this initiative was the fact that the main source of electricity for data center is „Kosava 1“ wind park.

The environmental solution of the GRC company for hardware infrastructure cooling "Liquid Immersion ICEraQ Cooling" has fulfilled implementation requirements of the ZELENDATA CENTAR . Therefore, the power consumption has been successfully reduced and optimal conditions have been created for long-term and reliable operation of custom server and network equipment in liquid medium.

The submerged servers are manufactured by SUPERMICRO, the world leader in innovation of server technologies and solutions.

The ZELENDATA CENTAR will provide the following services:
  • Colocation - space rental for hosting server equipment;
  • Cloud computing - renting server infrastructure, network equipment and links;
  • Infrastructure backup - a secondary backup location for existing systems;
  • 24/7 Customer support - provided by expert team of engineers and technicians;
  • HPC - hyper-converge configuration of leased infrastructure;
  • HiTeam and E-Smart Systems cloud solutions and services.

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